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Transsexual Superstar Candy Darling

Candy Darling was born 24th November 1944 as James Lawrence Slattery. Candy's early years were spent living with her mother after her parents divorced. Her father was reported to be a violent alcoholic so I guess her early years were very unpleasant.

As a child Candy was fascinated by the glamour of Hollywood actresses and fantasised about and impersonated many of her female idols. This led to frequent crossdressing and exploration of her female personality as she grew.

By the time Candy met Andy Warhol in 1967 she was crossdressing full time and possibly on female hormones too.

Candy Darling positioned herself in the centre of the Andy Warhol scene in the 1960's. Part of Andy's  'Factory',  underground film making and pop art. Candy always wanted to be a superstar and she achieved a form of super star status with Andy's help.

Andy cast her in 'Flesh' (1968) and 'Women in Revolt' (1971). Candy also had some cameo appearances in 'Klute' with Jane Fonda and 'Lady Liberty' with Sophia Loren. Candy tried hard to obtain the lead role in 'Myra Breckinridge' (1970) but lost out to Raquel Welch. She also obtained parts in some independent films such as, 'Silent Night, Bloody Night', 'Some of My Best Friends Are...' and 'Brand X'.

Her look became very iconic and still influences today with the look of fashion today. Models such as Andrej Pejic have appeared in a variety of photo shoots where the look and style is attributed to Candy.

There is also a very famous song which features Candy by Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground, 'Walk on the Wild Side'. Also featured in the lyrics are the other members of Andy Warhols close circle including other transgender women Holly Woodlawn and Jackie Curtis. Andy was obviously fascinated by gender blurring and loved to have such people as part of his entourage.

Here is a video tribute of Lou Reeds Walk on the Wildside

Interestingly Stephen Dorff played Candy Darling very convincingly in the Film 'I Shot Andy Warhol' (1996). This is a film well worth checking out.
The Warhol 'Factory' and its unusual characters will be featured in a new film which is in the early stages. This new film, Warhol is going to be produced by Jared Leto. Jared is also going to star in the film. Not sure if he will play Warhol or Candy???
Candy sadly died at the age of 29 of a lymphoma. I understood that it was suspected that it was caused by years of overdosing with female hormones, but this is unconfirmed.

For those wanting to find out more about Candy Darling a good place to start is to watch the recent documentary 'Beautiful Darling' (2010). Also Candy has her own Wikipedia Page Here 

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Monday, 3 October 2016

What Sex Am I? Sex Change Exploitation Cinema

Here are two forgotten transgender themed movies from the vaults of yesteryear. The first is Ed Wood's Glen or Genda, followed by Doris Wishman's seedy Let Me Die A Woman.

'Beware, beware, beware of the big green dragon that sits on your doorstep. He eats little boys, puppy-dog tails, and big fat snails. Beware, take care, beware'. A rather bizarre line from the bizarre, but very personal  Ed Wood film Glen or Glenda 1953,  starring Bela Lugosi.  Ed Wood himself was a crossdresser, which is why I say this was a very personal project for him.

The synopsis from Wikipedia:  Glen or Glenda is a 1953 drama film written, directed by, and starring Ed Wood, and featuring Bela Lugosi and Wood's then-girlfriend Dolores Fuller. The title was originally I Changed My Sex! and is often given as Glen or Glenda? but the question mark is not present in the film itself.

The film is a docudrama about cross-dressing and transsexuality, and is semi-autobiographical in nature. Wood himself was a cross-dresser, and the film is a plea for tolerance. It is widely considered one of the worst films ever. However, it has become a cult film due to its low-budget production values and idiosyncratic style.

Here is the trailer. 

For those who are interested in the life of Ed Wood as a person and a film maker there is a list of resources as long as your arm on the net. Perhaps a good place to start is by watching the Johnny Depp film Ed Wood. Here is the trailer:

Recent news for the Ed Wood fans out there reports some presumed lost films Ed Woods films have recently been discovered. They have been released on DVD too under the title 'Ed Wood's Dirty Movies' (say no more, I'm sure you can understand what they will contain).  Check this out

Glen or Glenda is easily available to stream online from Amazon (which has the colourised version) or purchase on DVD.

Lets have Ed Wood making the closing remark, 'This story's gonna grab people! It's about this guy, he's crazy about this girl, but he likes to wear dresses. Should he tell her? Should he not tell her?! He's torn, Georgie! This is drama!' Edward D Wood Jr. 

Next we have Doris Wishman's 1970s Sexchange Shocker, Let Me Die a Woman.

The synopsis from Wikipedia reads : Let Me Die a Woman is a 1978 semidocumentary film concerning the lives of transgender people directed and produced by exploitation film auteur Doris Wishman.

The film features interviews with gender dysphoria pundit and caregiver Dr. Leo Wollman as well as various transgender people, including transgender rights activist Deborah Hartin. Between the interviews, there are staged dramatizations of the interviewees' experiences.

Personally I thought this was the most unforgivable and shameful film ever made on the transgender subject. I have always been a fan of horror and exploitation movies, but this one takes the biscuit. There is even a sequence where we see someone cut off their penis with a chisel and a hammer, with a drum roll soundtrack.
The tone of the film is very seedy. From the castration sequence I just mentioned to grainy porny sequences of love making. The 'Doctor' also recommends very strange sex toy devices to assist the post op transsexual, as shown in the above still from the film.

Remember this was made before the phrase 'politically correct' was even thought of.

Here is the trailer:

The film is easily available on DVD to purchase from Something Weird Video.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Underground Transgender Models to Transsexual Superstars

In the late 1980s and early 1990s the 'shemale' was very much a niche pornography interest, you had to really go out of your way to see such material. I think I was 18 when I heard through a friend of the existence of shemale pornography. My friend had a tale to tale from a drunken lads night out in London, where in Soho, the seedy redlight area of London was explored to the full. The high light of my friends drunken trip was seeing magazine images of 'women with co*cks', on a variety of displays in the seedy sex shops. Naturally my friend had to express how freaky he thought the whole thing was.

My first exposure to shemales was on a day trip to France where I purchased a copy of the French edition of Paul Raymonds Club International magazine, this girly magazine was much stronger than the English edition. In the back pages near the small ads were a number of images of this pre-op transsexual called Shannon.
She was the first shemale I ever saw. I was completely fascinated and mesmerised by the duel male and female imagery.

Hard core pornography was banned in the UK during this time, although a thriving market  was growing through 'under the counter sales' in many unlicensed shops.

The first shemale video I purchased in a Soho sex shop, was indeed 'under the counter'. The assistant selling the video had to get a screwdriver out and unscrew the counter top, revealing the secret sash of illegal VHS tapes. I selected Trisexual Encounters No.6. (Trisexuality an early word for shemale never caught on) He then had to spend time reassembling his counter top. Needless to say it was a cash only transaction. Later trips to buy more shemale films at the same store showed a new arrangement. The store by this time was very busy and it was no longer practical to hide the films. I was even in the shop when the police raided. We where all pushed out by the police and the shop was closed for an hour. A small van arrived shortly after with new stock from the illegal duplication plant, and they were back in business. There was obviously so much cash to be made. Todays world is rather different.

Back in those days the early stars of such films were very thin on the ground. I just want to cover three of the most popular models used within the adult industry at the time.

Shannon as I have already mentioned, was a very young and pretty pre op transsexual model who appeared in many magazine runs and videos. Her most famous video was Twice a Virgin 1984 which featured her before and after her operation in a number of sex scenes.

Here is the synopsis of Twice a Virgin:

The supremely-beautiful and excitingly-erotic Shannon sizzles as "Twice A Virgin". This real life docu-drama is based on the actual sexual exploits of the world's most beautiful and sensuous human beings. "She" was born with a stick of dynamite between her legs and a sexual time bomb ticking in her soul.

At the home of a famous writer, Shannon bares all... graphically detailing, by flashbacks, her amourous exploits with a processing of beautiful females prior to her sex-change. This is followed by visual vignettes involving a series of male companions - each trying to outdo each other in bed.

I can happily report that Shannon is alive and well today. Judging from her Face Book page she lives a normal and happy post operative live. She has not aged at all either, she looks great.

Angelique Ricard (aka Sexy Suzy, Sensational Suzanne). Little can be found out about Angelique Ricard, but she did appear in a photo shoot with Tom Byron for Color Climax in the late 1980/early 1990s. She also appeared in a few films during this time. Her later shoots showed her as a shadow of her former self, and sadly she died of AIDS in the late 1990s. There are a couple of fan sites for her on Yahoo Groups.

Angelique Ricard With Tom Byron, part of a Color Climax shoot from the 1980's

Here we have the very pretty Angelique again as a maid, which
part of a maid fantasy photo shoot.

Sulka, born in 1962, lived in the Hollywood area and was as I understand discovered and promoted by Kim Christy and Jennifer Jordan (New Female Mimics owner).

Sulk's appearance was very striking as her looks were obviously supplemented by very early facial feminisation surgery. Her look was rather false and over feminine with oriental cat like overtones.

Sulka appeared in a huge number of magazines which featured pre operative transsexuals. She also made a few films in the 1980s too, such as Dream Lovers, Sensuous Sulka, Sulka and Candy, Sulka's Wedding and Divine Atrocities. Her SRS was covered in the film The Transformation of Sulka and her later film Sulka's Daughter suggested that her operation was so successful that she was able to give birth!!! She even worked with mainstream porn actors such as Ron Jeremy, as she did in Sulka's Wedding in 1983.

After her fame in the 1980s she became a recluse, she remained living in the Hollywood area but it is reported that she supplemented her income by providing crossdressing make overs. For more Sulka info and links see A Gender Variance of Who's Who
Angelique again on the cover of FMI magazine

Todays world is very different. The above ladies should be remembered as the originals and the first to start what could be a phenonimom. Perhaps they should be classed as pioneers?

The interest in shemale pornography has really exploded over the last ten years.

According to Game Link the most popular consumers of shemale pornography are based in California and New York.

Most consumers of this material consider themselves to be heterosexual as well. It's often thought that the sexual desire of the pre operative transsexual, hides a more deeper desire within the person who consumes it. Perhaps even a hidden transgender self, which the pornography allows the expression of it by proxy?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Boy Meets Girl - 3 Transgender Based Films

1. Boy Meets Girl (2014 dir: Eric Schaeffer)  is a very successful independent film which examines the life of a young pre-operative transsexual. The film is a very enjoyable romantic comedy, which has its serious side covering peoples prejudice and ignorance of transgender issues.

Michelle Hendley play the title role perfectly, herself a young transgendered woman, proving that such parts should be played by those within the trans community - when possible. Although the film is a low budget movie, it is extremely well acted and polished. Everyone concerned should be congratulated.

Boy Meets Girl is a funny, tender, sex positive romantic comedy that explores what it means to be a real man or woman, and how important it is to live a courageous life not letting fear stand in the way of going after your dreams. (From IMDB)

You can read an interview with Michelle at the Advocate Website. The film is available on Netflix and DVD. This is a must see movie.


2. Boy Meets Girl (ITV Series 2009) This television series is a body swap fantasy starring my favorite actress Rachel Stirling, and Martin Freeman. A perfect crossdreaming fantasy drama. I wonder if the makers of such a television series understand that such a story line is held as a deeply rooted fantasy by many crossdreamers out there.

Danny Reed (Martin Freeman) is directionless and dissatisfied with his lot in life. Working at a DIY superstore, he vents his frustrations on the customers when not pining for his co-worker Fiona (Angela Griffin), or foisting his encyclopedic knowledge of useless information onto loyal friend Pete (Marshall Lancaster). He is a world away from the successful and vivacious Veronica (Rachael Stirling), whose job as a glamorous fashion journalist provides her with a well-stocked bank account and an even better-stocked social calendar. Worshipped by her devoted boyfriend, Jay (Paterson Joseph), Veronica seems to have it all. When a freak accident traps the mismatched strangers in each other's bodies, the results are not pretty. As Danny and Veronica struggle with their new identities they begin to discover new truths about themselves. But besides learning to walk in high heels or being forced to 'slum it' with the working classes, the pair long to get back to their own bodies and, ultimately, their old lives. (from Wikipedia)

And here we have an interview with the very beautiful Rachel Stirling (she is Dianna Rigg's daughter). She also explains that she is no stranger to playing male parts.

3. Boy Meets Girl (BBC 2014) This BBC2 comedy series in six parts has proven very successful so much so that a second series has been commissioned and should be aired later this year. This series features transgender actress Rebecca Root, which adds to the whole realism of it all. Personally I found the series too light hearted for my taste, but don't let this put you off. The first series is available to buy on DVD.

It tells the story of the developing relationship between 26-year-old Leo (Hepple) and 40-year-old Judy (Root).[1] The script, by Elliott Kerrigan, was discovered through the Trans Comedy Award, a 2013 BBC talent search for scripts with positive portrayals of transgender characters.[2][3] Both Root and her character Judy are transgender, making this the first BBC comedy to feature transgender issues prominently, and the first sitcom to star a transgender actor. Sophie Clarke-Jervoise, the executive producer, stated "we always knew we had to get a trans actress – I don't think we auditioned anyone who wasn't trans for the role. It just didn't feel right." (From Wikipedia)

Thursday, 16 June 2016

TomGirl Transgender Film

I just found this wonderful TG film which I thought I would share with you. TOM GIRL is all about a young non gender conforming young boy called Jake. You can find out more about this movie at

TOMGIRL from Two Dollars Please on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Transgender Cabaret - Romy Haag Queen of Berlin's Underground

I recently created a blog entry about transgender actress Eva Robin's and Patrick Conrad's film Mascara (1987).  One of Eva's co stars in Mascara was the legendary Romy Haag who has been described as 'The Queen of the (Berlin) Underground'. You can see Romy performing 'Help Me Make it Through the Night', in the film Mascara if you can get hold of a copy.

Romy Haag in Mascara (1987)
Romy Haag was born January 1, 1948 as Eduard Frans Verbaarsschott in The Hague. According to some sources Romy was born inter-sexed and was bullied at school for her female like manner and appearance. Her early life did not stop her to become what she is today -  a very talented dancer, singer, actress and former nightclub manager of her own Berlin based club Chez Romy Hagg.

Romy Haag in Mascara 1987
Romy started the cabaret circuit very young. At 16 she was working as a female impersonator at  Club Alcazar and Le Carrousel in Paris. At 23 Romy opened her famous Berlin night club Chez Romy Haag, which featured many transgendered artists. One such performer who I believed worked at the club was Amanda Lear. Amanda Lear is a performance artist in her own right, Amanda is rumoured to be transgendered herself but this is another story. Chez Romy Haag was a 1920s style Berlin cabaret, but with so much more, the concentration being on art and performance.

The wild performances of gender fluid entertainment soon started to attract a lot of attention in 1970s Berlin. Many celebrities of the time attended the club such as Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry and of course David Bowie. Bowie was very attracted to Romy and Romy was soon to became his muse. Watch the video below to learn more about her relationship with Bowie.


Romy with David  Mid 1970s 

She released her first single, “Liege-Samba”, in 1977, and her first album, So Bin Ich, in 1981.

Sadly Romy sold Chez Romy Haag in 1983, she toured the world and on her return she had SRS in Switzerland.   Since her SRS Romy has appeared in 26 films, and she has released 17 albums.

Romy has her own web site which you must visit which featured some wonderful images and info about her. Visit

Here is a very interesting short video about Romy, her relationship with Bowie, Berlin and Chez Romy Haag.

Friday, 10 June 2016

She-Man Feminisation : A Forced MTF Movie

She-Man Film Poster

Here we have another rare and early attempt at transgender fantasy film making. This film features crossdressing, hormones, blackmail, a lesbian and a transgender dominatrix who controls everyone. The basic story follows a young man who is blackmailed, forced to take estrogen and become a full time French Maid for a very convincing crossdressed dominatrix called Dominita. I actually thought Dominita was played by a real woman when I first watched this film.

The film really tries hard to be serious but it will probably just give you the giggles, but this film is an important piece of movie memorabilia. The film is even introduced by a 'medical doctor' who tells us about the serious nature of transvestitism and a plea for tolerance of crossdressers.  A very low budget ensures that the acting is wooden and the script is cheesy. Having said this, the film is very watchable and a genuine curio.

Albert Rose (Leslie Marlowe) is a spoiled rich young man who receives a mysterious letter concerning a secret from his past. He is quickly flown to a hotel room in Florida, where he quickly realises he is the subject of a blackmail scheme. The blackmailer, Dominitra (Dorian Wayne) demands twenty thousand dollars and one year of servitude from Albert.

Feminized as a maid for her mistress Dominita
Albert is then whisked off to Dominitra's home where we see other 'transformed' victims of the cruel Dominita. The rules are men must dress and act like women, and women must dress and act like men. Albert's is re-christened Rose Albert and put on a diet of female hormones. There is a love interest element too as Albert falls for another servant, Ruth (Wendy Roberts), and the two team up to try and stop Dominitra. Can they stop Dominita, will Albert reclaim his masculinity, will Dominita get her wig pulled off in the final scene?

The film is downloadable is from Something Weird Video, and it is also available on a region 1 DVD as a double feature with The Sins of Rachel.